Swimming is an important life skill that contributes to a person’s physical and mental well-being, especially for kids. It improves a child’s cognitive activity, boosts confidence, builds endurance, enhances muscle strength, and improves sleeping patterns. All these benefits may come handy, but only if kids are trained properly. So, if you are interested in enrolling your child for baby swim classes, hiring the best swimming instructor is a must. In Australia, there is a huge number of schools that offer swimming classes for kids. While these institutions feature the same swimming program, not all have the best swimming instructors. Before choosing the right school to have your child enrolled, it is best to learn about the school’s reputation and modules, but most importantly, knowing what kind of trainer your child will be dealing with is a prerequisite.

To further guide you in choosing the best swimming instructor for your child, consider these helpful tips below.

Qualified Instructor

A qualified swimming instructor should be accredited by Austswim and Swim Australia. This means that he/she must have completed the courses and has obtained a license to teach under the AUSTSWIM and Swim Australia training program. This is a mandatory training policy for anyone who aspires to teach water safety and swimming techniques to kids of different ages, adults, and even to people with disabilities.

Experience is the best teacher. Aside from being a licensed swimming instructor, he/she must have a few years of experience in teaching kids how to swim. An instructor’s expertise in the field is a helpful tool in keeping kids motivated and excited during swimming lessons. Choosing a well-trained and experienced teacher is a decision you must take to help boost your child’s confidence in swimming.

Has Proper Teaching Approach

For beginners, learning how to enter the pool for the first time can be very difficult. So, to ease this concern, a swimming instructor must possess the necessary traits to help calm and relax an infant. Teaching kids is not an easy task. Make sure that a swimming instructor has a proper teaching approach to kids. He/She must not be intimidating enough to scare a child when in a swimming lesson. He/She must motivate, encourage, and praise learners during a swimming exercise. Furthermore, an ideal swimming instructor has a positive approach and help his/her students forget their fear in the water

In imposing positive reinforcement to your child, a swimming trainer must not forget to also establish rules in the entire lesson. Remember, swimming isn’t just for fun, but also enforces discipline and child-development.

Safety Certifications

To fully operate in teaching kids how to swim, an instructor should be certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED (automated external defibrillator). Proper training and basic water rescue are included in water safety certifications. In addition, an instructor who has a lifeguard certification should be the first in line, should you enroll your child in baby swim classes.

Swim Australia, one of the country’s leading companies to provide swimming teachers the expertise and education they need for water safety programs to beginners, offers various courses in giving trainers the credentials they need. So, as a parent, make sure that the trainer meets the right qualifications to help develop your child’s skill in swimming.

Approves Your Participation During Classes

Watching how your child develops skills in swimming is something you can be proud of. Add to that the fun he/she is experiencing while diving, gliding, and executing different swimming strokes. An ideal swimming instructor allows a parent to be present during the lessons. However, you may not be allowed to stand near the pool so as not to distract the child while learning. Just choose a spot, probably a little bit far from the pool, where you can freely witness how your child learns a basic life skill.

Learning can be a tough experience, so as with learning how to swim. In choosing the best instructor, bear in mind that you are not only helping your child hone his or her skills in swimming, but also allow your kid to experience the fun in the process.

Charmhaven Aqua Centre features a modern facility for baby swim classes and a child’s journey to swimming expertise. The centre is open all year round to cater to learners and beginners to practice swimming even in the cooler months. Furthermore, Charmhaven Aqua Centre is manned by instructors who are Swim Australia and AUSTSWIM qualified. This is the only swim school in NSW that observes proper decorum in swimming and teaching kids with the highest quality service available.

All the tips mentioned above will be realised as you sign on to the centre’s programs and courses. Contact us today!