Looking to enrol your child in the best swim school in NSW? Choosing the right swimming course can be a demanding task. You have to follow specific guidelines to make sure your child gets proper training and a decent education. From inspecting swim class locations to overseeing the services offered, it can be very overwhelming to decide which school you must commit to. Below are important factors you need to consider before choosing for a suitable swim school for your child:

Clean Facility

When looking for the best swim school in NSW, always consider its cleanliness and sanitation. A school’s swimming facility should be well-cleaned and has qualified for the guidelines of safe pool operations. This being said, always ask if the establishment has a general pool cleaning schedule and follows basic health guidelines.

Friendly and Approachable Staff

A child-friendly swim class creates a welcoming atmosphere that helps in your child’s learning process. As a parent, make sure to have your concerns addressed well, should you have one. The school staff, as well as its trainers, should be very receptive and approachable, should learners have a problem in executing a simple swimming exercise. An instructor needs to build trust among his/her students.


Check out for the pool’s location and condition before enrolling your child in different swimming courses. Make sure that the pool is properly furnished. This means that no broken tiles or cracked walls around the pool should be spotted. No scaffold should be placed near the pool, as it can collapse and hit the swimmers. To promote safety during the lessons, all swimming equipment should be ready and placed in the pool beforehand.

Professional Swimmers or Instructors

Ask if the instructors are AUSTSWIM and Swim Australia qualified. In Australia, before becoming professional swimming instructors, he/she must undergo a series of training and obtain certificates such as CPR certification, first aid, and AED (automated external defibrillator). This way, you will know if an instructor is licensed to teach swimming. Add to that a trainer’s experience in the field will measure how effective can he/she be in helping kids learn a new skill.

Company/School Reputation

One specific way to know of an establishment’s efficiency in a field is through its years of service and the awards it has received. Look for baby swim classes that offer quality services and have been proven successful through its fruitful years of experience. There are a lot of schools in Australia that offer swimming classes, but only a few of them can meet expectations and capable of scoring notable ratings. Always look for swim classes that portray good relationship, not just to its learners but also to the parents.

Levels of Learning

For beginners, learning how to swim may be a bit difficult. This is the reason there should be levels of learning for any baby swim classes. A series of courses should be available to cater to children of different ages. For example, infants who are 6 months old may only be introduced to water confidence. Meanwhile, for children who are 2 years old may already be introduced to basic water safety skills, such as kicking the water.

Established Curriculum

An institution will never survive unless a curriculum is established. Swimming classes for kids must be able to introduce a program that measures the development of learners. Has the school provided you specific goals? Has the school laid out its mission and vision? Are there services that fit your child’s age and level of competency? Do they have an established curriculum to follow and defined modules for guidance? A curriculum serves as a guide for instructors to follow in teaching kids how to swim. Without this, your child is only swimming for fun and not to gain experience or life lesson that he/she can use in the future.

Schedule & Pricing

Look for swim school in NSW that offers cheap and affordable swimming classes. Make sure that the price you’ll be paying is enough to make your child level up his/her skill when it comes to swimming. Also, choose the school that best fits you and your child’s schedule.

Parent Involvement

A good swim school or trainer allows a parent to be involved in the learning process. There are swim schools in NSW that offer parent and baby swim classes. This way you’ll witness how your child will improve and experience the fun while learning. If instances won’t allow you to join your child in the pool, ask if you can watch the lessons instead. If you got approval, then that means you are up for a good swimming class to enroll your child in.

Online Review

A Google is your friend. If you are already eyeing to commit on one swimming school, do not forget to look for its reviews and feedback. Simply search the school’s name on the browser and read online critics and reviews that may assess your decision to choosing the best swim school in NSW. These reviews will help you in choosing the right school for your child.


The learning environment is always important. Is the place conducive enough for learning? Is the pool’s water quality safe for the students? Are the trainers friendly enough to cater to the needs of the learners? Swimming classes for kids must establish child-friendly and fun lessons. Although discipline must also be observed, giving children the time to have fun in the water will motivate them more to become skilled swimmers.

Take advantage of this guide when determining which swim school in NSW you must adhere to. Swimming is an important life skill that not only teaches your child to avoid drowning but also to experience fun while learning.

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