Frequently Asked Questions

At Charmhaven Aqua Centre, we take pride in delivering excellent and innovative swimming programs and private swimming classes that will help your kid learn and grow in a safe and fun environment.

We know that you have a lot of questions and we’re here to answer all of them! We hope that the answers we provide to the following FAQs offer all the information you need.

Swimming Lessons: It’s All New to Me

What is the best age to enrol?

We have observed that the best age to start babies is between six months old. Formal instructions may start when your child is at least six (6) months.  

The baby’s level of alertness has increased at this stage. You can even notice that your child should be comfortable in the water. 

How do I register for lessons?
If you’re interested in our programs, you can directly contact the centre to enrol.
What are the requirements?
For all our swimming lessons, there are no requirements needed.
What do we need for the swim class?
Some babies are not completely toilet trained. For this case, we require your children to wear swimmers and swim nappies.
What time should we come to class?
It’s best to come five minutes before the classes starts. This way, you can prepare and shower before the lessons and private swimming classes begin.
Do you have different schedules?
Yes, we have different schedules to suit your best time. To know more about our schedules, you can speak with us directly.
Can they use the facility before and after class?
No, as much as we want you to utilise the facility at its full potential, we do not allow students to use them before and after classes. This is to ensure that you are safe, guided, and properly trained as you learn swimming.
What are your class levels?
There are many classes available depending on what you can do. You will be advised by our swimming trainers on the most practical lesson for you.
How long do the lessons take?
Each class can last up to 30 minutes. We also have private swimming classes where you’ll be trained by a private swimming trainer.
How much will the lessons cost?

Lessons are priced at $19.

How do I pay for the lessons?

We use an electronic payment system (EFTPOS) so there’s no need to worry about having to run to the ATM before every lesson. However, we also accept cash payments.

What happens if I want to cancel?

Cancellation is permitted but should be done in writing and all lessons are up to date including missed lessons 

Do you have programs for people with special needs?

Yes, we have. Our Special Needs Program takes into consideration the student's emotional needs and physical capabilities. 

Infant and Toddlers

Can my months-old baby join the class?
It’s advisable to start classes for babies from six months and up.
How do you keep my baby safe while undertaking the swimming program?
We make sure that your babies are comfortable. That is why we highly encourage parents to be around during the classes.
How soon can she/he learn how to swim?
After 6 months of continuous swimming lessons, your child will be able to confidently float and swim.
How often should we take our baby swimming?
You need to take your baby to swimming classes for a period of 6 months.
What do I need to do to encourage my baby to love the swimming lessons?
When you're having fun, your babies will have fun as well. Whether it’s a private swimming class or a regular one, be sure that your enjoying in class.
As a parent, do I need to participate in the class?
Yes, we highly encourage you to participate in the classes.
Is it advisable to book with a private swimming trainer for my child to learn faster?
No, not yet. If you wish to book with a private swimming trainer, your child must not be under 2 years of age.
My baby cries in the pool during class; what may be the cause?
Crying is the way a child can communicate surprise, frustration, hunger, or other things. If they lack sleep, nervous, or teething, this can be possible reasons.

Kids and Teens

My daughter has asthma; can I enrol her to your swimming program?
Yes, swimming can help gradually reduce asthma attacks. Some studies show that it has long term benefits for kids with asthma.
Do you have tailored programs for kids and teens who already know how to swim but want to practice and enhance their skills?
Yes, we suggest to enrol your kids in private swimming classes. This guarantees that a private swimming trainer can teach advance techniques to your kids.
Are private lessons available?
Yes, you can request for private swimming lessons once you enrol your child in our programs.
Can my child join the lessons halfway through the term?
Yes, there’s no better way to learn but get started. So, you can absolutely join the lessons halfway through the term.
Can I book a private swimming trainer for my child?
Yes, we have a roster of talented and skillful private swimming trainers who can improve your kid’s endurance and skills in swimming.
What is the student-instructor ratio for the kids' class?
The ratio will be 4 to 6 students per instructor, depending on the level.


Can I still learn how to swim despite my age?
Yes, of course, With our instructor’s guidance and expertise, you can practically learn how to swim in no time.
I never learned how to swim as a child, where do I start?
We’re sure your excited to learn a new sport. The first thing you’ll need to do is book in a class or private lesson. This way, you learn the proper skills and techniques first so that you remain confident and ready for more challenging workouts later on.
I’m over 60, is swimming a great activity for me?
Yes! Swimming is perfect for you because not only does it increase endurance, it is also less stressful to muscles and joints unlike other sports or exercises.
Do you have a schedule available for working employees?
Yes, we have multiple schedules to cater to all adults, especially working employees.
What is the student-instructor ratio in an adult class?
In adult classes, there will be six students per instructor.
Do you have a private swimming trainer for the adult swimming programs?
Yes, you can enrol in private swimming classes and be assigned with a private swimming trainer. This way, you’ll have hands-on and focused lessons to improve even more.
Can I enrol exclusively in my favourite instructor’s schedule?
Yes, we can arrange this only if there’s a spot available for your desired trainer.

Swimming is a fun and enjoyable activity fit for all ages. If you’re looking for excellent swim schools in the Central Coast NSW, look no further than Charmhaven Aqua Centre.

For more details, contact us now at 43940225. You can also visit our Facebook page to check out the latest updates about our programs.