Levels : Best Private Swimming Lessons

Looking for the best swimming class in NSW? Take your child to the finest swimming pools in Central Coast! Charmhaven Aqua Centre is New South Wales’ leading school that offers the highest quality of swimming instruction in southeastern Australia. We provide the best training in the region, as we are also manned with swimming instructors qualified by the likes of AUSTSWIM and SWIM Australia.

Water safety and fun are what we promise to both kids and parents. At Charmhaven Aqua Centre, we have safety measures and clean facilities to establish good conditioning for our students. Our centre has also qualified for the guidelines of safe pool operations and protocols. In terms of cleanliness, our institution follows basic health guidelines and makes sure that proper sanitation inside the building is well-observed. So, worry not and enrol your child with us now. Let our certified swimming instructors teach your kids! 

Guided Swimming Lessons

Becoming an expert swimmer doesn’t come in one session or one-day pool lesson. You cannot be an Olympian without undertaking simple and basic swimming drills. Guidance is needed, and cooperation is a prerequisite. At Charmhaven Aqua Centre, we have prepared swimming levels that would surely fit you and your child. Our classes, partnered with fun and well-disciplined lessons, will bring your kid to new heights and experience enjoyment whilst learning how to dive and glide.

If you and your children need to build water confidence, we have a full range of learn-to-swim and stroke correction lessons with courses available for children and adults. Learn-to-swim and private lessons are available throughout the year. Even in cooler months, you can take advantage of these services offered by our centre.

Swim Progression Levels

1. Nemo

6 months old infants are introduced to water confidence, basic floating, and bonding time with parents. Nemo classes introduce your baby’s first kick in the water. He/She will learn basic floating with aid from parents or instructors.

2. Starfish

Children who can walk independently, or at least 2 years of age, will be introduced to basic water safety skills. Your child’s confidence in the water should already be established at this age. Furthermore, simple exercises like kicking and paddling should be done during swimming lessons.

3. Seahorse

Builds confidence in and around the water. Children will be encouraged to open their eyes under the water. More swimming drills for kicking and paddling will be taught.

4. Jellyfish

Developing swimming skills — gliding, kicking, and paddling. Jellyfish class will level up water safety skills — like learning how to avoid being drowned.

5. Seal

This level will develop the correct body position for kicking, padding, and breathing technique whilst increasing the distance of swimming. More drills will be introduced as the length of the swimming scope will be expanded.

6. Dolphin

This level includes developing the over-arm action with bubbles and breathing, correcting the position of your child’s body in the water, and learning in-depth details about water safety.

7. Stroke Correction 1

Developing the freestyle and backstroke technique whilst maintaining the correct head and body positioning. Your kid’s ability to execute different strokes will be improved at this level.

8. Stroke Correction 2

Developing the breaststroke and butterfly technique and correct body movement. Learn new strokes and learn more about water techniques.

9. Mini Squad

Improving the technique of all strokes, diving, tumble turns, and developing strength and speed. Swimming exercises with a mini squad will be introduced here.

10. Squad Training

Enhancing freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly strokes. It also improves fitness, strength, and speed at a competitive level. The possibility of swimming under a given pace of time.

These levels correspond to the improvement and development of your child in swimming. Nobody becomes an expert with just one training. It takes hard work and experience to become a pro and skilled swimmer. With the help of our qualified instructors, you are guaranteed of safe and exciting swimming lessons. Add to that learning experience, your child will gain in becoming a professional swimmer.

Charmhaven Aqua Centre takes pride in its wide range of swimming classes happening from Mondays to Sundays. Take advantage of these levels as you consider the best swimming pools in Central Coast to enrol in. Backed by two decades of successful experience in the industry, our centre has gained an exceptional reputation in providing children, or even adults, the topmost quality of teaching.

We are located at 26 Arizona Rd, Charmhaven NSW 2263, Australia. Visit us today and enrol your child!