Contrary to popular belief, enrolling your child in swimming lessons is an option that’s not only reserved for the outdoorsy families out there. Swimming is great for everyone of all ages, but most especially kids. It’s a real exercise, a good strength builder, and a wonderful way to instill the many beautiful principles and values of sports in young kids such as hard work, patience, perseverance, and teamwork.

Looking for ways to get your kid up and moving while they have fun? Introduce them to swimming! Turn to kids’ swimming lessons in NSW if you want to keep your kids busy, active, focused, and energised.

One thing you can expect from lessons at swimming pools in Central Coast is that your kids will encounter something called swim progression levels. Swimming schools make sure to teach swimming in phases so that their skills improve over time. Here is a more in-depth look at swim progression levels.

For the cutest babies and toddlers

Start them (very) young, yes? When it comes to swimming, parents are most welcome to take their children to swimming lessons even at the young age of 6 months. On the Nemo level, for example, months-old infants take up basic floating and water confidence.

Turning is a great example of this. When infants dip into the water, their first instinct is to turn back to where they came from, usually the side of the pool. In this activity, parents are instructed to hold their infants at arm’s length, and when the parents and instructors see which side the infant naturally turns towards, the parents then guide the infant towards that side. With a little assistance from parents and instructors, kids wiggle their way through the side of the pool with their arms resting on the edge.

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For toddlers (aged between 15 and 24 months), they would be at the starfish level. Kids of this age can now walk on their own, which means they will also have the leg strength to do a few kicks in the pool. These kicks are then added onto the turning exercise.

Lessons like these make up an essential survival skill that prepares kids for when families go out swimming or even just bath time in a tub.

For the highly energetic preschoolers

For kids aged 2 to 5 years old, one good example of what they might expect is a lesson on treading water. Swimming pools in Central Coast and elsewhere may run deeper than a child could reach, even when they may have already gained some height at this point.

Treading water is another way for them to stay afloat and move around. Popular tools used during swimming lessons in NSW are woggles, kickboards, and pull buoys. In the treading lesson, preschoolers hold on to these and are instructed to kick their feet, keep their chin up (so they learn to breathe continuously), and turn to a safe side, whether that be the side of the pool or their parents’ waiting arms. This and a few more other lessons may be given during the Seahorse, Jellyfish, and Seal levels.

For the advanced swimmers

Once parents and instructors see that their kids have demonstrated sufficient water confidence, lessons such as beginner freestyle and stroke correction may commence.

During these lessons, children are now finally taught to move from one end of the pool to another. In a beginner freestyle class, you can expect overarm movement coupled with kicking or paddling. Of course, instructors will still introduce useful swimming equipment during this process, such as paddles and kickboards. Children will need goggles, swimming caps, and high-quality swimwear, such as rash guards and comfy swim shorts during this phase.

It is important to note that before parents enrol their children to beginner freestyle and stroke correction lessons, they must first check in with their kids. These lessons might be too much to handle if it would be the first time that a six-year-old joins a swimming class with zero swimming skills whatsoever.

You can trust that instructors will modify their training to match wherever your kid is at in terms of swimming skills. This means that even for slightly older kids, they may have to start with basic water confidence techniques.

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We believe that it is important for children to start swimming lessons as young as possible. It is an important survival skill that they will take with them up until adulthood. Beyond that, it is also good for their health and brain development. Through swimming, you can also create a stronger and deeper bond with your child, one that facilitates trust more than anything. Plus, they get to meet new friends!

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