So, you have decided to enrol your baby in swimming classes, and you are looking forward to the first session. You are probably wondering what to bring, when to arrive, and how your child will respond to the experience (especially if it’s their first time in a pool). To help you, we have listed together five things to take note of as you plan to join the world of baby swim classes. 

1. Be on time.

If you are coming to Charmhaven Aqua Centre for the first time, arrive about ten minutes before the class begins. Make sure to check in with the front desk, use the bathroom, and change clothes (if you are not already in your swimsuit). The staff will provide you with information and answer any questions you may have. This is an excellent opportunity for children to adapt to a fresh and exciting environment.

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2. Bring a swim nappy.

You will need to get used to using a swim nappy with your baby, as we require all babies and toddlers to wear disposable swim nappies until they are three years old (even if they’re already toilet trained). We sell swim nappies on-site in case you forget to bring one with you.

3. Do not forget to pack towels and dry clothes.

Often, parents are so focused on their baby’s needs that they forget about their own. Since you will be in the pool with your daughter or son, you will need two towels: one for the baby and one for yourself. Also, do not forget to bring a dry change of clothes for both of you.

Many parents show up to baby swimming lessons in their swimsuits, with a layer of clothing on top. While this is a fantastic idea, you should bring your underwear as you will not be wearing your swimsuit after class and will need to wear dry things underneath your clothing.

The same is true for your child. Make sure you have a full, dry outfit (as well as fresh nappies) with you so you can dry off your child and dress them after class.

4. Take note of some other items to bring.

Swimming lessons for babies are enjoyable, but they can also be exhausting for both the baby and the parent. After a session with the baby swim trainer, your child is likely to want a drink and/or snack (depending on their age). If your child is already consuming solid food, bring some healthy snacks and bottles of water for both of you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most swim schools, like Charmhaven Aqua Centre, have showers where you and your baby can rinse off after class. Some parents prefer an easy water rinse, while others prefer to bring their own body wash and give their baby a fast scrub while the water is flowing.

5. Try to consider the long-term plan.

Baby swimming lessons may often seem to be all about splashing and having a good time. While many parents appreciate the time spent bonding with their newborns, others may wonder if this “playtime” is really assisting their child in learning to swim.

Our baby swimming program begins with simple steps and gestures to help your baby feel at ease in the water. You will see results if you stick with it for at least a few months. You might be shocked by how easily your baby becomes familiar with the water and progresses.

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Charmhaven Aqua Centre takes pride in offering quality baby swimming classes. If you want to learn more about our program, feel free to reach out to us. Contact us today to get started!